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  chinese name:应届毕业生求职网

  english name: YJBYS


  sex: male

  born: 6/12/82

  university: beijing university

  major: marketing

  address: 328#, beijing university

  telephone: 1398****451


  (不论你是肥环瘦燕,还是鹤立鸡群,“身高体重”的话题都不要在 简历 中提及。在西方文化中,“身高体重”属于特别隐私性的话题。另外,政治色彩越少越好,老外一般没有兴趣知道你的政治隐私。)

  job objective:

  a position offering challenge and responsibility in the realm of consumer affairs or marketing.


  2000-2004 bejing university, college of commerce

  graduating in july with a b. s. degree in marketing.

  fields of study include: economics, marketing, business law, statistics, calculus,psychology, sociology, social and managerial concepts in marketing, consumer behavior, sales force management, product policy, marketing research and forecast,marketing strategies.

  1994-2000 the no.2 middle school of xian.

  (第二部分教育背景必须注意:求职者受教育的时间排列顺序与中文 简历 中的时间排列顺序正好相反,也就是说,是从求职者的最高教育层次写起。

  social activities:

  2000-2004 secretary of the class league branch.

  1994-2000 class monitor.

  summer jobs:

  2002 administrative assistant in sales department of xian nokia factory. responsible for public relations, correspondence, expense reports, record keeping, inventory catalog.

  2003 provisional employee of sales department of xian lijun medical instruments & equipment (holdings) company. responsible for sorting orders, shipping arrangemeents, deliveries.


  internet-surfing, tennis, travel.

  english proficiency:

  college english test-band six.

  computer skills:

  microsoft office, adobe photoshop, etc.

  (大多数外企对 英语 及计算机水平都有一定的要求,个人的语言水平、程度可单列说明。)

  references will be furnished upon request.


  Personal Information

  Name: Wang Bin

  Sex: Male

  Date of Birth: July 12, 1971

  Address: Room301, Dormitory20, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, Gansu, 730000, China

  Telephone: +86-931-8912xxx; +86-136931xxxx

  E-mail: job.sohu.com


  9/2005 - present Lanzhou University

  Candidate for Master in Economics in June, 2009

  Major in Corporate Finance, School of Economics

  Ranked 2/45 in class, Core GPA: 3.3/4

  9/2001 - 6/2005 Lanzhou University

  Bachelor in Economics

  Awarded National Excellent Undergraduate Student Scholarship


  7/ - 11/2006 Summer Team: Expand Job Channels for Students

  Got in touch with 10 companies, visited 4 companies and found their talent demands

  Made agreements with 4 companies that they would recruit graduates in Lanzhou University

  10/2006 – 1/2007 Volunteer Teacher for the Hongshan School in Lanzhou

  Taught the course of English for the rural workers ’ children in the school

  Academic Capability

  Fluent in English. CET-6 : 85.5; TOEFL ( IBT ) : 98; GRE: 1380

  Graded 2 of Gansu Computer Rank Examination for University Students

  Be Proficient in Office Automation ( Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint ) and Web Surfing


  The Influence of Economic Densities of City Propers on the Infrastructure Investment by Local Governments published in Science and Engineering Research, 2005, 2


  education 学历

  educational background 教育程度

  educational history 学历

  curriculum 课程

  major 主修

  minor 副修

  educational highlights 课程重点部分

  curriculum included 课程包括

  specialized courses 专门课程

  courses taken 所学课程

  courses completed 所学课程

  special training 特别训练

  social practice 社会实践

  part-time jobs 业余工作

  summer jobs 暑期工作

  vacation jobs 假期工作

  refresher course 进修课程

  extracurricular activities 课外活动

  physical activities 体育活动

  recreational activities 娱乐活动

  academic activities 学术活动

  social activities 社会活动

  rewards 奖励

  scholarship 奖学金

  "three goods" student 三好学生

  excellent league member 优秀团员

  excellent leader 优秀干部

  student council 学生会

  off-job training 脱产培训

  in-job training 在职培训

  educational system 学制

  academic year 学年

  semester 学期(美)

  term 学期 (英)

  president 校长

  vice-president 副校长

  dean 院长

  assistant dean 副院长

  academic dean 教务长

  department chairman 系主任

  professor 教授

  associate professor 副教授

  guest professor 客座教授

  lecturer 讲师

  teaching assistant助教

  research fellow 研究员

  research assistant 助理研究员

  supervisor 论文导师

  principal 中学校长(美)

  headmaster 中学校长(英)

  master 小学校长 (美)

  dean of studies 教务长

  dean of students 教导主任

  dean of students 教导主任

  teacher 教师

  probation teacher 代课教师

  tutor 家庭教师

  governess 女家庭教师

  intelligence quotient 智商

  pass 及格

  fail 不及格

  marks 分数

  grades 分数

  scores 分数

  examination 考试

  grade 年级

  class 班级

  monitor 班长


  commissary in charge of studies 学习委员

  commissary in charge of entertainment 文娱委员

  commissary in charge of sports 体育委员

  commissary in charge of physical labor 劳动委员

  party branch secretary 党支部书记

  league branch secretary 团支部书记

  commissary in charge of organization 组织委员

  commissary in charge of publicity 宣传委员












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